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Where is the locksmith industry currently and where we are going?  Locksmith members belong to The Locksmith’s Association of South Africa (LASA), it is the representative body for the locksmithing industry in the country: the industry is regulated by an Act of Parliament and falls under the auspices of the Private Security Industry Regulatory authority.  The aims and objectives of LASA can be found on their website

PSIRA regulates the locksmithing industry and defines a “locksmith” as a person who, for the benefit of another person, engages in any activity or business which is related to the opening, closing or engaging of locking mechanisms of any nature, by means of a specialised device. By law, every single locksmith and business needs to be registered with PSIRA (  Failure to comply is a criminal offense and the current penalty is R1,000 000.00 for non- compliance.

When registering with PSIRA they will request for a Locksmith Management certificate and General Locksmith certificate to be handed in before registration can commence.  You can only obtain these certificates from LASA.  LASA will conduct an RPL (recognition of prior learning) and if you do not meet with the requirements then you will be referred to a Locksmith Training School to further your knowledge.

LASA together with SASSETA and SAQA developed unit standards, course ware, for a national certificate in locksmithing, which was registered with SAQA in 2006.  The duration of the course was 1-year, successful learners were then awarded the national certificate of locksmithing.

There has been a drive from SASSETA and PSIRA to have the unit standards re-aligned in the security industry and while this has a lot to do with changing of the grades that were originally used by PSIRA for registration.

LASA has found that there was not enough practical training with regards to the 1-year learnerships.  With the re-alignment process LASA applied with SASSETA and the QCTO to have the training changed from a 1-year learnership to a 3-year apprenticeships artisan training and the process is now in its infant stage.

With the realigned qualification the following disciplines will be included as modules in the curriculum;

  • cabling
  • CCTV installation’s
  • installing access control systems
  • transponder technology
  • welding, brazing
  • silver soldering
  • and many more

LASA and all the Locksmith Training Schools will offer a comprehensive Locksmith Course that will take you anywhere in the world.   For more information on these courses please contact Maritsa Gouws on 0825502861 or email